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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Marion vs. Linn Mar Easter Basketball Tournament

What a beautiful day it was on Sunday when we had our annual family brunch at our house! The number of children who look forward to the Easter egg hunt at Grandpa and Grandmas is growing fewer as the cousins are growing up. Now, many of them would rather just play basketball!

This year, the girls took advantage of having Jake around and played A LOT of basketball! I was arguing with David about turning the back patio into a "basketball court" since we spend a lot of time out there at the table and hanging out. As you can see, I lost the battle...we play basketball on the patio now!

That didn't seem to bother the basketball players. They just moved the table and chairs out into the grass and played. We sat and watched from the table and it worked just fine. I guess we are making adjustments to accommodate the basketball players. There are quite a few of them in the family. The huge driveway area has too much of an incline and the flat patio works great.

The teams divided out to be Marion (Stacey and Bri with Ryan joining for the last 10 minutes or so) vs. LinnMar (Jake or Emmi and Lizzy) They had a great time and I had to laugh at Stacey last night when she came into my room rubbing her calves and saying that they have never hurt this much before. I reminded her how much basketball she played with her cousins and then it all made sense to her.

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