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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Celebrating 50 Years - A New View from the Big Screen

Guess what I got to see today in the theater?

The Sound of Music was playing at the local theater this week in celebration of it's 50th anniversary. I was excited to go but it was after all, The Sound of Music. How many times have I sung these songs or watched the movie in part or in its entirety? Lots of times...I grew up on musicals and this one was on the top of the list!  I love the story, I love the casting, I love the chemistry.

As I got settled into the theater seat with my popcorn and Dr. Pepper, I wasn't even into it five minutes when I realized that I have never seen this movie in a theater. I have never seen it larger than life. My memories of this masterpiece start with the annual showing of The Sound of Music on the local television channel. It was one of those rare occasions when I got to stay up past my bedtime each spring.

I think what drew me to it back then was the children and the music. Who can't help singing along with the wonderful music? It was rather surprising as I got into the movie to find myself tearing up and being so emotionally moved at different parts of the show. I kept thinking to myself "this has never happened before when I have watched this movie!"

It was then I realized that the last time I actually saw this movie was back in VHS days because we haven't updated to DVD or BluRay. That would make it more than a decade ago. Life has changed a lot for me personally in that time. So, when the soaking wet redressed children are serenading the baroness while their surprised and proud father looks on, my heart sort of skipped a beat. Then when the children realize that their father isn't mad at them and they all hug him, well...sniffle, sniffle. I am a mom now after all, that kind of thing moves me.

I was very surprised to be so moved during the scene when Maria is back at the Abby talking to the Reverend Mother. Living more of my life than I have since the last time I have seen the movie, I appreciated more of the message now that I have more experience to pull from in my own life. This story will always be a favorite and for the first time watching it in a theater without any distractions I just want to watch it again and again. I love watching certain movies on a regular basis and I am so glad to get to see this one again. As I sat there it was hard to believe it has been so long since I have seen it all the way through from start to finish (and with no commercial interruptions)!
There isn't a lot out there today to watch on television or at the movie theater that is sweet and heartwarming. There aren't a lot of "classics" being produced these days either. There seems to be more and more dark and dreary type of movies and although there has never been a time in my dating and married life when David has burst into a song right in the middle of a romantic moment, somehow, when it happens in a favorite musical it isn't all that unreal. Because even though our mouth may not sing the words out loud, there are times in real life when our "hearts will be blessed with the sound of music". That is why I will always "sing once more"!

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