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Monday, April 27, 2015

A Monday Giggle

David was working from home one day last week when I was getting a quick supper put together. I didn't plan well that day so I grabbed some elbow macaroni and thought I would come up with some kind of large pot hot dish that everyone could easily eat when they were home and could be heated up after practices when things started settling down for the evening.

It was then that I saw on the back of the bag of macaroni an easy recipe. Yes! I had all the ingredients and so I decided to whip it up. Having trouble reading off of the bumpy bag of macaroni I took the bag into the office and flattened it against the copier glass to see if I could get a cleaner copy of the recipe that would lay flat and be more readable.

David looked up at me with a questioning look and then said with a straight face "did we run out of macaroni? I don't think copying the bag we have will give you any more!" I was in a hurry and didn't follow his comment right away but then it hit me that he was trying to be funny in the middle of my flurry of energy. And, I thought it was pretty clever.

I love that he still makes me laugh! (even if I am a little slower than I used to be!)

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