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Thursday, March 26, 2015

TBT: 10 Year Anniversary

I was sitting with a couple of sweet friends today chatting about life and they were both talking about their plans for the celebration of their 10 year anniversaries coming up within the next couple of years. My mind wandered a bit when I thought to myself...10 year anniversary? Wow...I AM OLD! We had one...a ten year anniversary - let's see, when was that anyway? OH YES, now I remember...

My anniversary meal

We had big plans for celebrating our first decade together back in the day. We were going to take a two week trip, the two of us up the east coast to Maine and see everything that New England had to offer. I suppose it wasn't that glamorous, but we did have a plan.

August 9, 2002
Keeping those babies in!
The plan was thwarted in a miraculous "hand of God" way when we found out seven months before our anniversary that we were carrying not just one but THREE babies! I don't know, I think that trumped a trip to New England in a big way! Not only was I NOT able to travel, I was NOT able to leave my hospital bed on our tenth anniversary. You see, these three little ones didn't really want to stay in any longer by the time I hit 29 weeks.  I was in the hospital on magnesium sulfate (and if you think that a trip up the east coast to Maine for a milestone anniversary isn't glamorous, you should be in my husband's shoes with a wife in the hospital on mag sulfate - anything is more glamorous than that!)

Our first picture together after our anniversary!
So, where was I on my tenth anniversary? Desperately praying and trying to keep my little loves right where they were. I don't have any pictures of David and I together because I was in the hospital bed and he was the one with the camera. NOT my most glamorous shots!

Happy Belated Anniversary to us!

We celebrated our 10th anniversary in a very different way than most I am sure, but as you can see above, it was totally worth it. And, we did actually spend an evening out at the Melting Pot on October 11th when my mother, mother-in-law and sister-in-law stayed with the babies so we could celebrate the miracle that was our tenth year together. As old as I feel listening to my two young friends, I am excited that they are looking forward to time alone together with their husbands and that within the next couple years we will be planning a quarter century celebration - seriously though, where has this time gone?

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