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Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Year at Downton

I enjoyed the last episode of Downton Abbey Season 5 this week and have a few thoughts. Because my relationship with the Downton gang has changed through the years, I will elaborate.

At the end of Season 3 when our dear Matthew Crawley died in the very last episode I swore I was done with the show. We had already lost Sybil and we weren't over that tragedy enough to be able to handle another. Two endearing characters gone while so many I couldn't stand would be back for Season 4. Yes, I was a little bitter (and too wrapped up in these characters for my liking). Yes, it was time to be done.

But, after some time off, the bitterness wore off and then the curiosity set in, would I even like the show at all? I had to find out. Matthew Crawley was the only reason I warmed up to Mary who I couldn't stand from day one.

Two years later, I find myself still watching and liking Mary more as she has grown up and although it took awhile, I moved to her corner. I never would have imagined that I would think about her with any type of fondness.

So what else has changed with my thinking in the last two years?

  1. Who would have thought two years ago that Molesley would have ever been capable of "saving the day"?
  2. Speaking of Molesley, who would have thought I would ever like him at all? I have to admit, I kinda do. It is somewhat refreshing to see a man grow a backbone!
  3. Speaking of liking...Mr. Barrow? I am actually toying with the idea of letting the writers keep him in the show. It has always been my desire that they write him out, preferably killing him off so that he could never ever return. Who knew I would ever admire him for his sliminess or that I would ever loathe anyone more than I loathe Barrow himself!
  4. I no longer want Isobel to get together with Dr. Clarkson. I don't want her to get together with anyone. Her relationship with the Dowager is priceless and not a week goes by when I don't look forward to their spirited exchanges.
  5. It is about time that Carson and Hughes make it official, I knew that was coming at least two years ago, bravo for the writers who were able to drag that out this long!
  6. This year I surprisingly found myself cheering for dear Rose who found herself a perfect mate in Aticus. What a cute couple. Who would have thought Rose would be part of anything cute after she moved in and took the place of dear Sybil. No, I will admit, I didn't like her for a couple of seasons.
  7. Lord Grantham has come out of cluelessness - good for him to figure out Edith's plight and to forgive and accept. She needs something to go her way for a change.
Is there anything that hasn't changed for me?  Sure.
  1. Mrs. Patmore...sure and steady getting the food out of the kitchen multiple times a day with no complaint (except for her poor nephew).
  2. Edith...hopelessly the same, no life can be that miserable or unlucky. I hope for a turn in her life soon, maybe Season 6? I would also like for Mary to back off!
  3. The poor Bates' will they see a turn to their bad luck in Season 6?
  4. Elizabeth McGovern in any scene still subconsciously takes me back to she and Kevin Bacon in "She's Having a Baby".
So, in the end, there are plenty of things to bring me back for next season, now that we are told that there is going to be another season. January 2016. Thankfully I am not a fanatic or anything!

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