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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yep, It Looks Broken!

Stacey was in the Orthopedic office again yesterday to check on her knee which is working wonderfully and doing great!  It just so happens that she has had a very sore and swollen finger as a result of some shenanigans with friends.

We just happened to mention it to the doctor.  I mean, we are at the office already, might as well.  He did an examination and told us it looked broken and that he would have it splinted for a couple of weeks if it was.  He gave us a roll of tape and told us to keep it taped to her pinkie for two weeks and if it still hurt or got worse any time between now and then, to give him a call.  Go in with tendinitis in the knee and come out with a broken finger.  That just seems to be the the way we roll!

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