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Monday, December 15, 2014

Survivor Files: Surgery in January

I have to say that I have been enjoying life without thinking about the visits to the doctor and whether or not I am healing properly.  The fall has been fancy free in that department mainly because I am feeling better and I put off the last reconstructive surgery until January and didn't have to think about it.

Today was my pre-op and lab work so I guess you could say I am back at it and remembering how much I don't like this life.  The doctor hasn't seen me since the end of July which was my post op from surgery in June.

Surgery is scheduled for January 9th and I was told it would be a couple of hours to finish up the things that need doing.  I guess my jeans were a little lower cut today than they were the last time because the doc caught a glimpse of my stomach and said "Oh, you have a pouch!" Yes...I was well aware of how my stomach has turned out after the tram flap surgery and that it didn't look like the "after" pictures I had seen.  But lets face it, back in July doc had seen me so many times with the healing issues in the last 10-11 months that I knew he was sick of me.  I was sick of seeing him!

Today, with fresh eyes and 4 1/2 months off he noticed the "pouch" above the abdominal incision and said right away "that has to be fixed".  Yes!  I agree.  Then he started listing all the things that will be a part of the January surgery and turned to me and said "you are going to have to stay overnight we will be doing a lot and we will want to keep a close eye on you."

Huge sigh in my heart!  Ugh! So much for a quick surgery to end the saga.  The thing that gets me is that I am not even fighting cancer!  I haven't been fighting cancer since a year ago August (thankfully), but this is all just after junk...stuff that was supposed to be done a year ago!  This is annoying stuff that drains my energy and makes me have to spend my time recovering. I didn't even ask how long another abdominal recovery will take.  Don't really want to think about it today. Maybe tomorrow, today there is too much to be thankful for!

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