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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Whirlwind Baking Night

Thursday night Ryan came home and said "Mom...I only have TONIGHT to bake the Christmas scones I wanted to make for my class tomorrow." Oh yes...the Christmas scones! Ryan had come home earlier in the week and got it in his head that he wanted to bake Christmas scones for his class for Friday, their last day of school before the Christmas break.  I have to admit, I put him off for awhile...four days to be exact!

Ryan loves my scone recipe.  He has actually made it a few times himself.  His idea was to crush up some candy canes and instead of putting dried cranberries in, (which is how I make them...he makes them with chocolate chips!) He chose crushed up candy canes and white chocolate chips and they turned out GREAT! He over planned and so there were as many left over as he made for his class! (Lucky us!)

After about ten minutes of bumping around in the kitchen I realized he had it under control and although, he never said "get out", I knew he was taking pride in his recipe and I found things to do out of his way!  He did use the help of his sisters along the way when he got into the middle of everything!

It was after the dust settled when I realized the extent of his baking project.  Actually, it was after everyone had gone to bed and the aftermath stared me in the face! Next lesson will be "clean as you go"! I just couldn't tackle the mess before bed and as always, I knew that it would be there for me in the morning and I would be better able to deal with it.  So, my morning is planned...I am cleaning my kitchen so we can bake more tonight!

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