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Monday, December 29, 2014

Last Minute Homemade

Cutting out the holes
I challenged David with a project this year for my dad for Christmas.  We had some extra stuff left over from our garage sale this past summer. Sy and Betsy didn't recognize it and Mom and Dad didn't recognize it and so Dad wanted to throw it away. I went through and took out a valuable part of the extra large "space bag" that the stuff was packaged in. Still, none of us know where it came from.

Inside, a treasure to me...a set of mini billiard balls. I saw in my head first thing "clock for Mom and Dad's basement for Christmas". Truth of the matter is, they sat in our garage all fall and a couple weeks before Christmas I mentioned it to David. He said it was totally doable. (I had already picked up the 12x12 shadow box and felt to make the face so I am glad he was on board!)

Finished in the nick of time!
The busy-ness of Christmas and the end of the year gave us very little time for homemade presents. So, on Christmas afternoon, after the opening of the presents at our house, David and I started work on Dad's present for the December 26th Grand Central Christmas celebration. I hate when we wait til the last minute and I hate that we do it all of the time. But, when all was said and done? The clock turned out AWESOME! David rocked all of the woodworking part of it and enjoyed his tools and space to work in the garage.

Happiness is homemade!
I glued on the felt with wood glue and a hot glue gun holds the balls in place from the back. David figured out a great way to hang it with all of the information he has gleaned from watching his favorite woodworking shows. It was pretty heavy with the weight of the wood and balls so it needed to be supported well.

It is now hanging downstairs in the basement by the pool table at Mom and Dad's and looks right at home. I loved this project because it was perfect for Dad and I got to work with David to make something functional and fun!

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