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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Little Reader

Matthew is slower at showing off his reading to us than the other four were.  They loved to come home from school and show me what they could read.  Matthew was never a kid that sat still long enough to read too long at one sitting and I see that now too.

He likes to be able to guess although he is good at sounding out words if I make him sit there and do it. He loves the Jesus tree this year.  There is something about going and getting out his Bible and looking up the verses and reading them out loud to the whole family.

He is very excited to do that. It makes my heart warm to listen to his little voice read God's word. Just another of those moments to cherish!

He especially liked last night when he got to show off to Daddy his reading skills. Dawn said "I didn't know Matthew could read so good!" Matt always likes to have an audience!

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