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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where's My Camera?

Sometimes my camera gets misplaced and no one seems to be able to tell me where it is.  That was the case again this week.  The two big boys are away at camp til tomorrow night and so Matthew, Stacey and Dawn are here and we are eating a lot of gluten since Zach is eating all his non-gluten at camp.

Funny that when I located the camera in order to take some pictures, I found some of these pictures that mysteriously were not taken by me!  Finding things I didn't take a picture of, I am sure SOMEONE knew where the camera was, or at least had it and misplaced it themselves.

Life around here this week went something like this:

A little bit of toe-nail painting (Dawn is getting really good at her nail art)!

A little bit of hamming it up (or to be honest, A LOT of hamming it up like every other day) by this cutie pie!

Some down time after 14 hours of gymnastics practice this week.

And some lounging around watching Murder She Wrote!

It will be wonderful when I can get in the water again and I can join them swimming.  Next week we plan to hang out at the pool and actually feel like this summer is getting started!  June has been extremely busy!

I am sure I will have more to share about the preparations for Zach's birthday celebration at Mom and Dad's on Sunday.  That is, when I start having something to show for all the preparing!

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