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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Harvest Day

I was very excited to harvest our first veggies from the garden and serve them up for supper in a chicken salad.  I have been excited and discouraged both when I look at the garden at our new place.  It is a very nice size and we can grow everything we need here.  I wish that the placement was a little better but the previous owner didn't have kids running around in the yard.

We have already thought about moving the garden area over to the side corner where we could open up space in the immediate back yard off of the patio.  I love that things are growing but the weed to plant ratio is terribly uneven in favor of the weeds.

Crabgrass - YUCK!  I was able to go through the carrot rows and pull out weeds and search for the little growing carrot plants.  I had to put my fingers around the carrots and hold them steady in the ground because yanking out the crabgrass would bring the carrots with it!  I got about half way through with that today.  Now the carrots will have room to grow.

For today, we got to pick lettuce and radishes and eat them.  I have truly missed home grown vegetables.  I look forward to the rest of the summer!

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