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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Day In the Garden

All are hard at work on this beautiful day!
Friday at Mom and Dad's, Adonis was in the garden with Dad looking things over and Dad told me that he wanted to see how my garden was coming.  Adonis nodded and I paused for a moment feeling a little embarrassed because my garden was a MESS with weeds me not being able to get out and work this past week after surgery.  Audi said he didn't care and so I hesitantly brought him over to see.

In the back left corner in front of Arlen is all weeds!  They
cleaned all of those out too!
This is Adonis who has studied agriculture here for two years and has been working in Van Horne on a farm during the week since graduation.  He was very nice and claimed to have seen every actual plant I pointed out even though a few places were entirely taken over by the weeks.  Crabgrass is everywhere!  Tomatoes were in cages and looking pretty good so we focused on them.

Sweet as he is, he told me it looks good and that after he did a few things in the morning he was going to take the bus to our house and help me get those weeds out of there.  He didn't have anything else planned so on the way back to Mom and Dad's he told me he would be over sometime in the afternoon.  After telling Arlen we were going to be weeding the garden he told me he would join us for awhile since he would be home and Mom and Dad would be heading north for a day trip.

Love these guys!

We got started around 2ish and worked most of the afternoon.  I took the "sit down" jobs where I could rescue carrots that were almost choked out by the grass and weeding around the peppers.  The guys took the tools and tackled the weediest areas where absolutely nothing came up but weeds.  David joined us soon after and the kids were in the yard for awhile, Dawn cleaned up the radishes and harvested a few more and the boys played a game of kickball and climbed the tree.

Looking MUCH better!

The work went quickly, at least a lot more quickly than when it is just me out there and we talked and listened to music too which made for entertainment and memory making.  David treated us to his famous jambalaya and the kids even cleaned up the dishes as Adonis explained how his trip will go on Thursday and we pulled up Nicaragua on the computer and he shared more about what it is like where he lives.  We will certainly miss him but what fun to have another day to remember and smile.

Not to mention I can look out my windows on the back of the house and sit on my patio and see a beautifully manicured garden.  Adonis told me while I was driving him home "I just looked at the garden yesterday and thought 'My sister needs my help!'"  I love him - he was absolutely right!

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