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Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting Caught Up At Home

I mentioned earlier this week somewhere, whether it was on Facebook or here on the blog that I was training the three big kids how to do more than sort dirty clothes into the three "whites, mediums and darks" piles and then take their baskets of clean clothes back to their rooms when I have washed them.  It was a huge undertaking since they haven't gotten as consistent at either of those as I would like.

It was this afternoon that I felt like taking some time getting the mess that had been building up over the last couple weeks under control.  The kids got the hang of putting loads in the washer, transferring to the dryer, and then piling the clean clothes, unfolded up in baskets.  Funny thing, even when I am not able to keep up, the kids need more clean clothes!

It was a great feeling to do something that is a little more normal than visiting the oncologist, making surgery arrangements, and thinking about questions I have about recovery time and radiation.  I stood in my laundry room thinking that it felt so good to do normal things! 

Cleaning up the piles of clean clothes that were laying all around the laundry room also gave me a chance to clean off the new table that came during the last two crazy weeks.  Now, the girls each have a place to sew along with me.  Tomorrow...the ironing and then some time to sew!

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