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Friday, June 28, 2013

Cancer Files: Is this Nesting?

Bathroom closet before
This whole cancer diagnosis certainly did not come at a very convenient time for me!  I started a major kitchen update in May on my birthday that is still in various stages of disarray.  Our bathroom closet has been on the list to finish for a couple of years and I have been working on purging all kinds of things to simplify our home and be sure that everything that is here has a place.

So, now we are looking to next week and surgery.  I have been feeling a sense of urgency to get everything back as close to cleaned up as possible.  The only feeling that I can compare this too is when I was pregnant and was nesting.  I don't want to lay around recovering looking at all the things that I need to accomplish.  So, before next Wednesday, knowing that I can't accomplish EVERYTHING, I have decided I will:
Loading shelves (after purging a TON)

  • Finish painting and re install the last cabinet doors in the kitchen (only two left)
  • Cook and freeze a few meals for the family so they stay fed while I recuperate.
  • Finish painting the bathroom closet door and put all of the bathroom stuff back in the closet (and out of my living room corner!) - OH WAIT!  I did that yesterday! CHECK!
  • Put everything that I possibly can back into the kitchen cabinets in their new home (and once again, out of my living room!)
  • Clean my desk!
  • Take clothes piled in my bedroom to Good Will (so much for the garage sale at the beginning of the summer)
  • Take the kids to the pool a couple more times.
  • Attend my cousin's wedding on Saturday...can't miss a good party when there are things to celebrate!
New door after 3 coats of paint
That should take care of the time between now and next Wednesday.  Now if the migraine I have had for the last couple days would GO AWAY, I would be able to make progress much faster!

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