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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good-bye 2011!

It was a fun week...no work for the Daddy, no work for the kids and Star Wars on Blu Ray! The vacuum cleaner was finally run this morning to pick up all of the things that were dropped as we ate a lot of our meals out on the living room and plenty of popcorn to get through the six Star Wars movies.

2011 is almost over and I can't say that is has been the favorite year of my life. In fact, I am not too sad that it is almost over. I don't like that it seems to have flown by way too fast. I fear that this is the way it will go from now on. Looking back, I would have to say that my favorite times were the ones where all seven of us were snuggled up together at home. As the kids get older and busier, those are the moments that I cherish most.

This afternoon I turned the calendar to the January page and was a little shocked that there was very little written on it. That scares me because I know that there are many things coming up and I hope that I don't miss anything! Lessons and practices will start again and taxi-ing everyone to their respective activities will resume. I am thankful for two more days of togetherness before the rest of the world sneaks back in and takes over.

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