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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dawn's Heart

I was reminded again last weekend about the sweetness of Dawn's heart. We were at Grandma's Christmas party and I have to admit, it is hard to witness my Grandma's mind go downhill as she gets older. I know she doesn't like it and I imagine her life feels out of her control. It was a better visit this year than last time I saw her and that was a wonderful thing. She spoke of things that were real and remembered all of us.

Watching Dawn with Grandma reminded me of our visit to see Grandpa Carl in the nursing home when she was 5. Seeing Great Grandpa after his stroke was noticably troubling for all of the kids when we got there but it was not so with Dawn. Although Grandpa couldn't communicate with us at the time, I could tell in his eyes that when Dawn snuggled up next to him and kissed him that it made his day. She stayed by his side for most of the visit.

Sunday was no different for Dawn when she saw Grandma in her wheelchair. She jumped right up in her lap and stayed there for some time sharing secrets and giggles. When it was time to go, I could tell they were both sad. I love the heart I see in my Dawn. There is something special for her future, I can tell, she sees things the rest of us don't always catch.

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