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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Box Said Bosch!

I love that for all the years of my married life, I have been able to have my Grandma's old Bosch mixer that was just like my mom's. I love that I knew exactly how it worked and how to make all the things that I grew up making because the mixer worked the same as the one in my mom's kitchen. Of course, I would have much rather have Grandma still with us, but that was not my choice to make.

I think of her often when I am making bread, muffins, cake, or mixing up anything that I have to mix! So, when I saw the new Bosch mixer as I unwrapped my Christmas present I of course was excited to have such a nice machine and thankful for a husband who knows that he is married to a woman that does like to get practical things every once in awhile, especially when they are needed.

Grandma's mixer would have been welcomed in my house forever, but even David was realizing that the days of that mixer were numbered. It complained every time it was running with all kinds of unique and often surprising sounds. I knew that it had done its work and I wasn't going to be able to ask it for much more. Still...I love the thoughts that I would think of being a girl and being in Grandma's kitchen.

It was as I was setting up the new machine that I could almost hear a sigh of relief from that trusty old Bosch...it was ready to be done. Besides, if Grandma were still with us, she would have upgraded to a newer model long before this. With that in mind I am certain that just because it isn't her machine that I am mixing with, I will still have the memories as the new model hums along and makes wedding cake for my little girls and all the other food that will sustain my family. I can't wait to break it in!

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