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Saturday, December 3, 2011

No Best Mom Award Today

What is this you may ask? It is Coffee and Cookie Bar recipe after being baked 3 1/2 times as long as it needs to be!

I was rushing around like a mad woman today trying to get some help from the little people who really wanted some time to play on a Saturday. I don't blame them. I wanted to as well but with a sick child earlier in the week, I didn't get my baking done for the "playing" that was planned for the afternoon. I could feel my blood pressure rise as the energy level of my children trapped indoors on a rainy day was also rising.

Preparing for a Christmas card making party with 6 of my grown up friends, I made a few treats this morning and the kitchen was a mess. I decided to throw the last recipe in the oven and then go and make sure everything downstairs was set to go. As it turned out, I didn't make it back upstairs before guests started to arrive. We got into the card making and all was well.

Upstairs the rest of the family had sat down to watch Cars 2. All the cleaning up and running around had culminated in afternoon fun for all who were here. It was an hour and a half later when my wonderful husband came half way down the stairs and asked "did you have something in the oven"?

I actually had to stop and think about it because it had been an hour and a half! But yes, it was then that I remembered that I had put the Coffee and Cookie Bars in the oven and had forgotten to turn on the timer! Who knew that burning chocolate still smells so yummy? Everyone upstairs claimed not to have smelled anything burning.

The fact of the matter is, if you cut around the outside inch and get into the middle, it still actually is edible. They can't wait to dig into it, which they will do tomorrow since they had eaten way too many other cookies and treats to need more sugar today!

I was pretty demanding of them this morning when I was trying to get everything ready for the afternoon and felt pretty bad about it when all was said and done. I have days like this sometimes, like when I hear my voice over and over again asking for this to get picked up or that to be done. I am certain that all they hear is "waa waah waaahh waah waah" like on Charlie Brown. Some days I even yell to make sure they hear me, and they do: "WAA WAAH WAAAHH WAAH WAAH!!!"

There are a few of my friends out there that I love because they have kids older than mine. It is encouraging to hear that this can be outgrown. For now though, as I wind down my day in the quiet of this hour, hearing a "Jesus Loves Me" duet sung by two brothers in their beds is a pretty sweet sound. Sometimes His mercies are new even before I go to bed!

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  1. Thanks for the link to your blog! Love reading about your adventures. Your Jesus tree is awesome!!!