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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just What IS An Emergency, Anyway?

2012...day two (as he calls it on his calendar). 4:30 p.m. and Zach is doubled over in pain. He has had episodes like this before and so I waited a little bit but then thought it would be best to take him in and see what this might be. The word "appendix" always seems to come up in conversation with David during these times. Off we went to the urgent care clinic. They took one look at him and told us to go to the ER. They too were afraid it was appendix and knew they would be wasting time without the proper equipment there to diagnose.

Poor boy...can't even stand up and out we go again to the car. He tries to walk because he tells me it hurts worse when I pick him up. After a 45 minute wait with a pager, we get checked into the ER and were told it would take 2 HOURS to get him in to a doctor (said as though that is perfectly acceptable I will also add). Meanwhile he is crying, moaning and yelling out in pain disturbing all of those who are in the waiting room watching the Rose Bowl!

I was trying really hard not to judge, but what IS the definition of an EMERGENCY anyway, as they shot me dirty looks. In this case it seemed to be first come, first served which would work for most any of the situations I saw, people laughing, talking about the game, watching their clock annoyed with the wait.

I had a 5 year old child in excruciating pain and the poor thing was made to sit in a waiting room for TWO HOURS! He gets the bravery award in my book. He was so exhausted from being tense and hurting that when we finally did get him in a room, the look on his face was priceless when he saw there was a bed and a pillow! I gingerly helped him up and as soon as his head hit the pillow he balled himself up in the fetal position where he had a little relief and he fell right to sleep. The doctor had to wake him to take a look at him.

The doctor did the right thing coming into the room embarrassed that it had take so long. As he looked Zach over I could tell that he was not happy that Zach had been made to wait that long hurting so bad. When all was said and done I was so relieved to find out that it was not his appendix. Who knew that a bad case of constipation could be such a terrible ordeal. I can't imagine how much worse it would have to be for someone to have compassion on a 5 year old and move him to the front of the line. I actually think there were a couple in the waiting room that would have let him go ahead of them!

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