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Monday, January 9, 2012

O Christmas Tree

I informed the kids yesterday that when they got home from school today, the tree and the Christmas decorations would be down. I have learned through the years that in order for a smooth transition from the Christmas season into the rest of the winter, it is best that I give them a warning.

Stacey and Matthew spent some time looking at the lights and ornaments for one last time and playing with the nativity after breakfast. It was sweet to watch them in their own way "say goodbye" to Christmas before leaving for school.

This is a hard Christmas to say good bye to for me too. I think that as the kids get older and I try to keep up with the activities and events of our lives, time just passes like a whirlwind. It gives a new meaning to what God says about our lives being but a breath. I sure am feeling it lately. It seems like we just put the tree up and I don't feel like I had time to sit and ponder. I like to ponder at Christmas...I mean, Mary pondered the greatness of God and all that He is, even though she didn't fully understand the whole picture from her side of the cross. It gets me to thinking what is it that I really understand when I think of the fullness of God and who He is? I need to ponder too and Christmas is one of those times when I make more time than normal to just sit in His presence in the wee hours of the morning when the twinkle lights seem to cozy up the house with a little extra warmth. It just went by way too fast for me.

So, maybe I will just have to make 2012 a year of pondering, finding those moments when He whispers to me in the stillness...it may not be all about sadness, this may just be the beginning of a new dimension of relating. Whatever it is, I am going to get this tree down today and look forward to the opportunities of 2012!

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