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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boys and Cars

I don't know what it is in the male genes in this house...but my oldest two boys have competition and a desire to be first coursing through their veins. I think this has to be from their dad because although I like competition, and like to win, it is not a requirement for me to participate in an activity!

Last week was the annual cub scout Pinewood Derby. Ryan thought it would be cool to make a "canoe" car. So that is where it began. There is a very fierce streak of competition in his blood. It has been something that has been a concern for me as his mom, from pretty early on as it could potentially affect his life negatively. He and I play games all the time as an attempt to "practice" having fun even when we don't win. To be honest, I don't really feel like too much progress has been made in that area, but he likes to play games and we continue to practice playing for fun.

That brings us to last week. His car ran in the second heat. That first run for the car is always the moment of truth...after all that time shaping, sanding, staining/painting and waiting for it all to dry, the time has come. Can the car actually race?

Ryan's did...he won the heat! I am not sure if his car has won ANY heats in the past. His goal has always been a cool design and he has been pretty good at being okay if it didn't get top times. But this year...it won the first heat so hopes were set high right from the start. The problem was, the computer program wasn't set up right and it didn't record properly. Since they were only in the second heat, they fixed the problem with the program and started all over again. Second heat time again and Ryan's cars races...THIRD in the heat. AUGH! I have to
admit, I was pretty disappointed too!
There were quite a few heats that his car won so if we are looking at year to year improvements, his car ROCKED! The final standings put the little canoe in 6th out of 31 so it wasn't too shabby! He was pretty surprised when Grandpa arrived to watch the races too since he didn't realize I had invited him to come.

There were a few tears, but after the disappointment at the start, I can't say I blame him. It is always a learning experience and I was pretty proud of how he dealt with his feelings. His car did win the vote for "Best Car That Isn't A Car", defending his title from last year when his "bobsled" car won the same award.

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