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Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Have a Dream

I got on Pinterest tonight to try to find a couple of knitting/crochet patterns that I had already printed but misplaced between the printing and today when I wanted to start the project. I got sidetracked.

It was probably because when I got ready to get out the door this morning I was curious about  the fuzzy hair that is growing slowly out of my head. Digging for a fine tooth comb I can report that this morning I combed MY hair. It is very uneven and very fuzzy and not very attractive but I look a little less like Darth Vader without his helmet!

The funny thing about my Pinterest rabbit trail is that when I looked at my "Hair" board there weren't any of these styles. Back before chemo these would be too short for me. Today though, I was drawn in to finding a few that I can make as my goal! Interesting how our perspectives change with a little life experience.

Wouldn't it be great if I made it to one of these styles and loved it so much that I stayed there? My style before was a little bit longer because I was never "brave" enough to try anything shorter even though I knew it would grow back.

Now that I have been "brave" enough to have my head shaved, it doesn't seem so brave to go for a short hair cut. In fact...now I dream of one!

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