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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Still Here...

This week was full. There were appointments, housework and boys basketball started this week with an away game in Independence. I had made a list of dinners for the week and the grocery shopping. We have been very thankful for meals this fall and into winter from so many great friends. This weeks schedule was empty so I planned meals accordingly.

Tuesday morning I got a text asking what time I would like supper? It is funny what happens to me when I know supper is taken care of. Whether it is someone bringing it, or putting something in the Crock Pot (which is the case today!) I was sitting in the living room looking around at the mess on top of the Christmas decorations. The beauty of the Christmas season seams to have worn off with dirty socks, coats, shirts, gym shorts, any number of things that I found in the living room.

With supper coming I decided to tackle the Christmas tree and move a few pieces of furniture (the ones I could easily slide) to new places. I got the decorations in their tubs and downstairs and then I put in a movie while I took ornaments off the tree. I was able to get the ornaments put away in their tubs and downstairs. That is when I looked at the tree, looked at the rest of the living room and decided to push the tree out of the way and have the other people in the house take that down.

So for the rest of the afternoon, the living area of our house looked pretty good. It was time for me to rest. So I did.

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