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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Warm Hugs and a Green Thumb

You may not be able to see real well unless you look closely, but there is corn growing in my rock bed under the kitchen window in the backyard. It bothers me.

Dawn has asked that we not pull it to see if it will grow into corn. I believe a compromise has been reached with her father that she can transplant it when it is big enough to a place in the garden. It is a plant she has never grown before and she doesn't want to pull it.

She is a regular green thumb. She has taken leaves from my jade plant and gotten them to propagate. She also informed me the other day that she had found a clipping from Grandma's moss rose plant that we gave her for Mother's Day in the back of the van. She wanted to try to get it to grow. It now actually has a blooming flower on it. Go figure!

She definitely is able to love things into good health! Her hugs are good medicine and obviously her touch has a way of making things grow! Although she got some sad news that one of her snails had died when she woke up to tend her aquarium this morning, she didn't let it get her down. She tended to the living (her huge 6 inch goldfish is a freak of nature) and repotted the green living things in her life.

I may tell her to go out and transplant a few of the corn plants to the garden, then we can pick the rest of them out of the rock bed. This is the negative to hanging the bird feeder outside the kitchen window to me. The birds are messy eaters and corn and other seeds end up in the rock bed. For Dawn, that is just one more big perk to birds eating outside my kitchen window!

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