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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's the Little Things

There has been very few things in my life over the last few months that has bugged me more in my day to day life than the fact that the drivers side sliding door of my van is permanently locked.

It got that way one day last winter when Ryan unscrewed the lock on the door. When he went to put it back on, it dropped into the hole and fell into the side door panel.

David told me that he thought they could get it out and back on the lock mechanism. It has just taken awhile for David to find some extra time to help Ryan pull the panel off of the door and get it out.

Today was the day! Woo Hoo! They were able to get it out and the door fixed. I realize that with all of the things going on in my life right now, this may seem like a tiny little thing but in reality, it was is a huge deal to me! Now whether it is groceries, or a car load of kids, there is access to the back of the van from both sides!

I do remember back in the day when all vans only opened to the back on the passenger side. I told the triplets that the van that drove them home from the hospital only had one door in the back. How in the world did we get by?

Well, we don't have to get by anymore and I am so glad!

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