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Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Night at the Fair

I woke up today knowing it would be a long day because my endurance isn't very high right now. About half way through, I wasn't sure if it was going to end up being a good day or not. I hate how the enemy can high-jack our plans sometimes and take them down a road that we didn't plan to go on.

Coming from a big family, I understand how this works. Even with that, I still get caught off guard. As silly as it sounds, it all usually stems from the fact that we have seven people to get ready and out the door and unless there is some thought behind the plan, it rarely happens smoothly. Today was no exception.

Down the road we started in the van, all of us riding along in various annoyed and frustrated states of mind. I won't get into the details or try to pin a blame on anyone in particular but I think that I need to spell things out to people a little clearer. Just because we all have the same goal in mind (getting to the fair), we don't all have the same idea of how it is going to happen.

Instead of focusing on that part of the day, we got to the fair and it was pretty easy to get around. Not a lot of people thought it would be fun to go around the midway and ride in the warm summer heat. Ryan and Dawn wanted to ride so we bought them and the little boys a wristband but after the first couple rides, both Ryan and Dawn were having queezy problems.

We probably walked the midway for an hour and a half and everyone was thirsty and wanting to eat. We had packed a cooler to eat out by the van instead of spending $15-$20 a person on fair food. We found a great shade tree and ate the food we brought.

We had arrived with Johanna and Bryan and the girls and so we had put out our blankets and camp chairs in the lawn before we had gone to the midway. We enjoyed Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North but our favorite is For King and Country.

It turned out to be a wonderful night. There was a great breeze and we weren't at all too warm. For King and Country are such amazing showmen. Their concerts are so inspiring. Tonight did not disappoint! I am so glad we pushed through the frustrations to get to the blessing that this day ended up being for our family!

1 comment:

  1. All is well that ends well

    It's hard on everyone this roller coaster ride your family has been on since you have become ill.

    And it's normal to have squabbles when trying to get 7 people into a hot vehicle and food to go on an outing .... That you went is so surprising

    Wishing and praying for you