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Friday, July 8, 2016

A Birthday Present Project

Today is surgery day. I am celebrating that life hasn't always been and won't always be about my cancer by cranking the hand of time back a few weeks. Yesterday was a little heavy and so I am skipping "from the heart" this week since I pretty much laid it all out already.

Zachary turned 10 and I am not going to miss reporting this most amazing milestone. He LOVES Garfield...I mean LOVES! So you can add "Garfield Cake" to my resume along with "Garfield Costume" and "Garfield Valentine's Card Box". I was thrilled that it turned out to actually look like Garfield because there were a couple moments that were touch and go as to whether or not he would be recognized. Zachary was thrilled! (Me too!)

Although Garfield is his first love, he also loves Charlie Brown and Snoopy. So, when Grandma and Grandpa got him a fleece blanket kit with a big Charlie Brown and Snoopy on it. Grandma decided to leave it undone and spend some special time with Zachary tying the blanket together.

The kit is marked where the fringe should be cut and unfortunately our Lefty had some problems working his mom's right handed fabric scissors. It was a project that took longer than this 10-year-old had an attention span for and so Grandma did a lot and Zachary did a little. Because Grandma is fast, they both finished around the same time and now Zachary has a great new blanket to sleep under. He has slept under it every night since and snuggles in it every time we watch the Peanuts movie. I love that Grandma has so much patience and that she lives next door. 

A few days after his party he announced to me "I am planning to work on my new blanket with Grandma today." I told him that he should probably go over to Grandma's and see if she had some time because sometimes she has things scheduled in her day. Thankfully, Zach picked a good time for Grandma and they got right to it. Grandma was patient with Zachary who wanted to get it done and use it. The process was a great lesson for Zach about waiting and taking our time and doing our best work...all those lessons she taught me all those years ago. 


  1. I'm visiting here from your sister, Jo's site. My prayers and thoughts to you and your family, and all the best for the future. Be strong!

    1. I'm sorry, I meant aunt! I knew that "Gramma" in your pictures was Jo's sister, but I slipped up ;o) Take care of yourself, and make sure you get lots of rest during recovery.