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Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday From the Heart: Famished

The afternoon I spent in the basement on Tuesday was awesome. The last time I went through my CD bin in storage I had pulled out a CD that I hadn't heard in a long time. It was a perfect medicine for my heart even though a couple of months ago when I put it by my CD player, I had no idea what was ahead on this road.

I wanted to find something on YouTube to share from this CD but they were a new Christian band in 1999. The only thing I found was a single they recorded in 2011 which is great too if you want to check it out and add it to your patriotic playlist, Row Upon Row.

The songs from this album that have always spoken to my soul were recorded before the days of YouTube so they are not to be found there today. A few other groups have recorded them and I found a few of them. No one can record these songs like Three Strand did, but I did want to share a recorded version of these song because the words have been so very powerful in my every stage in life, but again hit home and cause me to be so grateful for music when our hearts don't know the words to pray or we wonder how we could possibly praise.

The reason I bought this CD back in the day was because of the song Jesus, I Will. The group Faith First have a version of this on YouTube and it is the closest I could find although it feels like they are in a race or up against time and the harmonies are quickly whipped through. The message is there and it has been a song I have sung during times even when it is hard to choke out the words.

Break Me, Lord has meant a lot to be through the years and although this is a version that is not really at all like the recording on my CD, the song is always a reminder of what God is working out in us. There is breaking, there is healing, there is covering and all is done so that we are able to stand and be strong in Him.

So Amazing is a full out praise of my Lord. He truly is so amazing. The group called Heritage Singers recorded this and they also have a video that you can find here that gives you a little more of the feel for Three Strand's version and I don't know why Heritage Singers didn't actually record it this way in their CD. You can't hear the song in the full version, but the instrument arrangement is closer to the one I love. I have always thought that this would be an awesome song to sing with all of the great harmonies. God has heard me belt it out myself, but it would be so awesome to praise Him in harmony together with a few other voices.

The whole CD is amazing and would definitely be worth checking out, or if you happen upon it at Half Price Books or a garage sale, pick it up and let it soothe your soul.

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