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Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Good Day

My mom had arrived before I woke up Saturday morning and was washing my front windows. These are the ones we were talking about on Friday when I debated whether or not to leave the cobwebs growing to be ready for Halloween in October or get them cleaned up. (Ha Ha) Mom listens closely to those kind of conversations and was over to clean up for me. I was very grateful. She spent some more time with me after the cleaning watching a couple of sewing shows I had DVR'd to watch with her about purses and bags.

Not long after my mom left to get some things done at home, my aunt Jo arrived for a visit. She did not come empty handed! Matthew helped her unload a box of blueberries, cherries, a bag of cookies, a loaf of blueberry/zucchini bread and a box of Amish pastries!

I hadn't realized how long it had been since we had been able to catch up. I haven't seen Jo since December when we went to visit for her birthday party. Since then she has had her thyroid removed to find cancer and been through treatment for that and well, lets just say a lot has been going on involving doctors for both of us.

We visited all afternoon and I got to hear all the news with my cousins and their families. Mom stopped back over when they got home and we visited some more. I lost count of how many times we said goodbye before Jo actually left. It is that way when we visit the Kramers too. She had to get on her way and we said our final goodbyes. Our visit was a wonderful distraction.

One of the stations on television was showing all three of the Toy Story movies today and we are a sucker for Buzz and Woody. I spent the evening with David and the kids eating his wonderful seafood mac and cheese and gently snuggling with Matt watching Toy Story. I am obviously a little emotional lately because I did get teary at the end of number three. I love that today was kinda normal and a whole lot of fun.

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