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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Don't Feel Any Different Today

I had such a great blog post in my head sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called back to the radiation room. But now, sitting here at the computer I got nothing.

Going about my days in the next couple of weeks, I will be subconsciously wondering when I will start "feeling" like I have been going to radiation. It is a strange thing. There is a lot to do to get ready and make sure that the radiation is going to the right place and not the wrong places but it really feels like nothing happened except for the noise and the bright red light. It might take all of five minutes to actually zap me.

At wrestling practice tonight I looked down at my arm and saw this...it wasn't exactly this because this is the picture I took when I got into the van after yesterday's visit. But tonight, the very same indention took the same long amount of time to go away. This is from the mold that they made and where my arms go it is wrinkly so it leaves these fun patterns on both of my arms.

There was a little bit of emotion today on my way to the clinic. It was a heaviness and felt like the weight of all the things we have lived since June 16, 2013. I am kind of tired, a little weary and ready to be done AGAIN. It started when I thought "man, I am going to be driving this road ever single day!" I haven't had that kind of moment for awhile and I sure am glad that they don't come often but when I was laying there wondering what those beams of radiation were hitting and what they were going to do in there, I told God how big He is, how holy He is, how amazing it is this life that He has given me, and it is amazing every single day.

I know that He will make this path straight.

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