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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Grandpa...Our Biggest Fan

In my review of homemade gifts this year, I come upon a project I wanted to do last year but just didn't get done. Yesterday I reported on the viking hat/beard and this one is a little bit silly too. We have been giving my dad a hard time as he has collected his Marion and Linn Mar t-shirts. He loves to come and support his grand kids in the stands at their various sports games and extra curricular events. That is one of the many things that we love about him.

Some Christmases in the past have provided him with his various school spirit gear. The Linn Mar families give him the Linn Mar gear and the Marion families have given the Marion gear. Dad has nine grand kids that go to Linn Mar and eight that go to Marion so making sure he has the right clothing on when he heads out the door has been a little bit of a joke that we tease him about.

So, this year for Christmas, I bought a Marion shirt and a Linn Mar shirt and cut it in half, zig zagged one size of each shirt together and then played with my embroidery machine to personalize it on the back. It was a fun gift to give.

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