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Monday, January 2, 2017

A Little Fall Knitting

Betsy once told me while I was working on a very elaborate afghan for my living room "when you are done with this one, you can make me one!" She had that joking twinkle in her eye knowing that there was a lot involved in the pattern I was working on.

Not long after I had finally finished the afghan for my living room, I found another difficult pattern that would challenge me. In fact, I started it the summer of 2013 in July as I was recovering from my very first breast cancer surgery, the lumpectomy. I worked on if for awhile and then it ended up being thrown aside for the time being.

Fast forwarding to this fall, we are still paying medical bills and Christmas was coming. I had picked Betsy in our family Christmas drawing and I remembered what she said and the afghan that I had started. Hmmm, I wasn't that far a long with it, but going through chemo and sitting in a chair a lot, there was the opportunity to work on it and so I got it out and jumped back in.

I was able to finish it in time to give it to Betsy for Christmas. I don't know if she remembers saying what she said years ago, but she sure did love it when she opened it. It is a very thick blanket and very cozy.

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