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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Taxol #10

My appointment wasn't until 11:15 which isn't my favorite. I like to get there right away in the morning and get it done. Thankfully, my last two will be 8:00 appointments. The kids will be home for Christmas break and they probably won't be awake early so going first thing will get me home right before lunch and most of the day can be enjoyed together.

I didn't even have my clunky boots on today but am at the highest weight I have been yet. So more of the "pee every 15 minutes" medication and some easy activity and I may get some relief. Otherwise, we will just deal with it until we are done with the Taxol and it will slowly get back to normal.

Neuropathy...YUCK! I have been increasing my meds and will continue to do so. It hurts to do anything with my hands. (You should see me wrap Christmas presents). It hurts to press down on things or use pressure to pull or lift. You never really know how much you use the tips of your fingers until you are dealing with this. I can continue to add another pill every three days until I take three in the morning, three in the afternoon and three before bed. Right now I am at two.

My favorite Sara was there again today to give massages. She has been gone the last couple of times and I found myself in the bathtub this morning thinking about going to chemo today. I actually prayed there while I was soaking and asked that God would put Sara at the clinic today. I didn't realize how much better it is when she is there. A massage on hands or feet every time I am there has been wonderful. I love that God answers even prayers in the small things. She not only gave the massage but she also shared a neuropathy recipe for essential oils which has given me a great bit of relief this evening!

I am very surprised even though I use oils all the time for other things. I was so happy last night when I got done with everything to go through my oils and find out I have all of them but two. After finding some money still stashed away in my substitute teaching money, I ordered them. One of them I had a good substitute for so I mixed up a batch (minus Cypress oil because there wasn't a good substitute for that) and slathered it all over my hands and feet before bed. I kid you not I am typing at almost normal speed to post to you this morning! I am pretty excited about this great find and will be mixing up a lot of it as chemo comes to a close and I coax my life back to normal. I may not have to up my med at the quick rate I have been thinking.

I also signed the release of records papers for the Mayo clinic. We will be working with them to determine what the best course for me will be after chemo. Radiation is not usually on the agenda because there was only one lymph node affected but because of the cancer on the chest wall, I am a little different than textbook and we will get a few more doctors to look at the situation and weigh in. I am good with that.

The rest of the day was filled by a chat with a friend who brought dinner (and breakfast food), a little bit of knitting and Cub scout Christmas party and awards night. It was fun but I am ready to take it a little more easy today. I am finishing up a few homemade gifts today and tomorrow and that will keep my happily busy in a chair of some sort. Life is good!


  1. I am glad Sara was there! Hand massages are wonderful! What's the recipe??

  2. I'm glad you were able to find some relief with the oils and Sara