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Friday, December 9, 2016

No One Calls Me Mommy Anymore

I was wrapping a few presents we picked up today as we were out and about. As I made out the tags I got to this one. Something has happened between last year and this year. It didn't seem right to sign "Mommy and Daddy" on Matthew's present. There is always a year that it happens, my children one by one have grown out of the "Mommy" stage.

It hit me today that I am here once again but this time for the last time. I was Mommy last year but for Matthew, second grade is the moving on year. It is okay, once I took that initial gulp of realization. I enjoy all of the milestones and I celebrate them with each child.

David has the remaining Friday's of the year off since we haven't been able to take any vacations this year. He has been doing school drop off duty for the older kids since back this fall when I was in the hospital. He has been sweet to give me an extra hour every morning since the middles schoolers start at 7:30. Matthew doesn't start til 8:30 and today he took Matthew too. Then we sat and chatted over coffee for an extended period of time. We had a few things to accomplish today going out and looking for some good deals.

Christmas shopping is a little more strategic this year because of our budgetary limitations. We had a coupon for wings so we stopped for lunch and to evaluate our progress. I drew out my regular Christmas diagram. We are doing about as well as we usually are at this time of December.

I have been watching the dates on my coupons and using a lot of them and so far so good. I could use a few more good ideas but I have two or three more places to stop and they are the places where if I don't have anything in particular in mind, I can get some good ideas.

One of my favorite things is taking the kids out for their shopping which I still get to do with some of them. I love watching them think of each other and what they might like to buy or make for their siblings.