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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Our First Wrestling Meet

Matthew had his first wrestling meet today and it was a learning experience for him and me. Mostly him. He has been in the Little Indians Wrestling Club since kindergarten but we haven't really done an actual tournament til today.

There are some even by second grade that have a lot of experience and in a way I feel bad we haven't gotten him to a tournament til now but I think he learned a lot today and he will be better prepared for next time. I know that he will be paying closer attention when his coaches are teaching at practices.

He may have placed fourth but he worked pretty hard for that trophy! As tough as it was for him (he said the biggest thing that he learned is that wrestling hurts), he said he likes to wrestle and wants to keep doing it. 

Watching him stick with it and fight til the end each time was kinda fun. It is fun to watch your kid take a challenge and run with it. I think that I can go along for this ride.

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