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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Good Night Little One

What a great time of bonding we had last night, the little boys and I.  We were reading our favorite bedtime story of all time.  "Good Night Little One".  Every one of my children have loved to have this book read at bedtime.  I love it too, such an awesome reminder to their little hearts that whatever is in the dark, whatever is going on in their lives, whatever age they are, their God is bigger and stronger and He is all that they need.

Matt, Zach and I got to talking in between pages like we sometimes do and the topics went all over the place. (which is secretly my favorite "little boy" conversations.)  The topic got to babies in mommy's tummy.  Matthew made a comment about how I had to go to the hospital five times to get babies out.  I explained that no, it was really only three times.  Then we talked a little and got on the subject of the baby that died in Mommy's tummy.  Somehow that came up because I was at the hospital when she was born too.  They wanted to know how old she would have been.  We talked about how Zach would be her big brother and Matthew would be her little brother.  I was surprised at the questions and although they caught me a little off guard, it was sweet to share with them.

Long after our normal bedtime, I found myself tucking them into their bed and the precious words of their bedtime prayers went up like sweet aroma, not just to God but to this mommy too.  Zachary likes to pray pretty much the same thing each night, so imagine my surprise when I heard his voice slowly and patiently articulating each thought through his words to God.  "And God, I know that there is a baby that died in Mommy's tummy.  That makes me sad.  Please take care of that little baby because I know she is with You."

And that was that.  Powerful moments for this mom tonight!  To read more about that time in our lives, click to read our Amy story:
Our Little Tiny

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