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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Opus 2014

We are so proud of Dawn!  She was able to be a part of the Opus choir this year and we were able to go to Ames for an afternoon and enjoy a very good concert given by the best of the best around the state.  The 5th-6th grade choir was wonderful but we also got to enjoy music from the 7th-8th grade boys, 7th-8th grade girls and the 9th grade choir too.

Dawn is in the second row from the top right about the middle of the screen.  I thought sitting there how grown up she looks with her contact lenses and concentration as she sang.

It is amazing to me how such a small amount of practice time can produce such a great sound.  The harmonies were beautiful in each of the different type of song they were sharing with us.  What a great experience!

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