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Monday, November 17, 2014

Our Little Wrestler

Matthew came home one afternoon with a sign up sheet for Little Indians Wrestling Club.  He wanted to be a wrestler!  It seems like his P.E. teacher had really talked up wrestling.  It was adorable when he told me "Mom, the girls don't get to do wrestling, they have to do cheer leading"!

We went the first night and he loved it.  As his dad said "Well, he is built like a wrestler"!  That he is.  We have since found him wrestling shoes and head gear.  With two big brothers who are quite aggressive and often forget that he is small, Matt has taken a few hits in his life.  It shows at wrestling club because he can take down some kids!  One of the kids in his little circle is about a head taller than he is and it doesn't seem to slow him down.

Wrestling is a new sport to our family and I have seen that this particular sport has its own kind of people.  I have learned the soccer bunch, and it seems like this is a whole new community.  Some parents are pretty passionate about their 5 year old wrestler's career already.  Not only is it entertaining to watch my son give wrestling a try, but it is entertaining to see how some of these parents are over the top.  In some cases, I feel bad for these little ones.  Not my little one.  He is having fun doing something he loves to do!

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