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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How Do You Suppose It Looks?

David has been home this week taking some much needed vacation time working on some things around the house.

The garage has made some great progress.  This afternoon we were talking out there and he pointed to the big box we have been hauling across the country and storing for 22 years that contains my wedding dress.

His question was "how do you think it looks after all this time?"  On a whim I said "I don't know, lets see!"  We were both surprised at how well it has held up in the box over the years.  Except for the grandma/grandpa house attic type smell, it looked great.  I do have to say, that smell on my wedding dress did make me feel kinda old!

The girls liked seeing it and Matthew said it was beautiful.  I would say, from the front it looks pretty good on me still!  You wouldn't want to see the back though.  Maybe if I lost 40 pounds I could get it zipped again.

 Dawn actually said "aww Mom, I think I really want to wear your dress when I get married!  I told her that I am sure she may today but she still has many years to come to her senses!

For now I will see what we can do to keep it in decent condition so at least she could use the fabric or remake it into something a little more modern for her when her big day

They thought it was neat that Grandma made my headpiece and they both tried it on.  It was fun to play dress up this afternoon!

I don't care what people say about styles and how they come and go.  I am glad I was married in 1992 and if I did it over, I would pick this dress again!

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