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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Can They Give You a Ticket For That?

I was tootling back into town this afternoon from Cedar Falls where Dawn had a meet this morning and was thinking how much I have been relying on my phone.  I am trying not to text in the car anymore because I admit...I have been known to text at stop lights or on a straight stretch of interstate.

Now, whichever 12-year-old is in the passenger seat gets to be mom's texting secretary.  They read what the text says and type my response if it is something that I need to answer in a timely manner.  So, Dawn was my typer today and did a great job. 

I understand how texting is very distracting while driving, but I found myself thinking about all of the other things that I have done or seen done that could also be characterized as "dangerous while driving".  I had to chuckle then about 10 minutes down the road when Zach was fretting about his shoe having a knot in it from the back seat.  

Rather than listening to him carry on and stressed, I told him to pass the shoe on up to me.  We were on a straight stretch of road and I was able to get the big knot out.  I could just picture it "well officer, I was just trying to get the knot out of my son's shoe and must have lost control!"  Can they give a ticket for "untying while driving?"

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