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Friday, October 24, 2014

Glorified Storage Unit No More!

We knew when we purchased our new home almost a year ago that the garage was more than ridiculously big.  It really is, and there is no reason it has to be that big for our family, but that is just the way it was built.  It has actually helped enable the clutter and mess for me because when we moved, the boxes all got put there and unpacked as needed.

About six months after being here, I realized that there aren't nearly as many trips to the garage to find that important thing and that told me we have too much stuff that we don't need.  Lately, that has been the project.  Getting through some of those boxes and moving the contents out or where we plan to store them.

The great part of all of the work out there by David and the kids was that we were able to "unbury" the oil pit.  As long as we have an oil pit in the garage, we might as well use it!

Last Saturday David did.  Zachary especially thought it was cool that Dad could climb down into the pit and change the oil.  There were a few things that David thought would need tweaking in the whole process, but to finally be able to see the garage being used for something it was supposed to be used for (instead of a glorified storage unit) was wonderful.

Both the car and the van got new oil and a few of the extended family may pay a visit to try out the pit as well!

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