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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mindcraft Bonding

These sisters are quite a pair!  Until the last month or so they have been at each other constantly.  Having a sister that is two minutes different in age but WORLDS away different than you in personality and temperament makes for quite an interesting dynamic in the smallest bedroom of the house.

I believe that summer has brought them together, or at least taught them a little bit more tolerance to each other.  We have been reminding them that they can either endure through this stage of life loudly (like they HAD been doing) or use their differences as training for getting along with others who are not the same as you.

There has been a lot more patience in their relationship lately and I am breathing a little easier.  A couple months ago I was wondering how I was going to get TO their teenage years, not to mention THROUGH their teenage years!  I think like any relationship they have their ups and downs.  Sometimes during those rough patches it is not easy as their mom to watch two people I utterly adore struggle so much with pre-teen drama and the mix up between what is important and what really isn't!

It was last week when we went to Barnes and Noble to use Zach's birthday gift card that Stacey found a "everything you need to know" about Mindcraft book and decided to buy it and make everyone pay for part of it.  They were all game when she showed them the book and I walked in the other night to the girls snuggled up together on the couch trying to figure out their next challenge.  Made me smile (and go grab my camera!)

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