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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Farmer's Market

Mom and Dad were going to walk up to the farmer's market in the square today and popped in to see who wanted to come with.  There were lots of yummy and beautiful things to see.

My favorite part of the day was coming up to Dad while he was catching up with some former co-workers.  He was talking about my last year dealing with cancer and stopped to introduce me to one friend who was recently re-diagnosed with another brain tumor that she had removed and has treatments til the end of the month the second time around.

The other couple shared about their son-in-law who had to fight cancer only months after he was married.  Throughout the conversation I was energized by the interaction with this group.  What a blessing to meet three new people who have prayed for me before I had even met them because their hearts went out to me and my family. Let's not stop praying for one another!

As we said goodbye and headed toward home, I felt encouraged and thankful to God for giving me a small peek into the work He has done for me this past year.  That was when we caught up to Matt who had jumped off his bike to look close up at a caterpillar that was crawling across the sidewalk.  I love those moments of wonder when we try to figure out what kind of butterfly he might become and follow his path all the way into the grass.  Listening to the boys talk about how amazing it is that you can hardly see him in the green grass makes me smile. Life is priceless.

It was later this afternoon that I heard of two more people and their families who have recently been dealing with life altering situations.  There isn't an end to the praying we can do for one another. Life is priceless, don't waste a moment!

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