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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Dawn came running into the kitchen before we left for gymnastics this morning and said that Grandpa had taken his"cool" car to work today!  

Right now there is road construction that starts on the road between our two houses.  Our driveway is open and theirs is closed.  Because of that, they are parking their cars in our garage until they can have access again to their own.

She was getting her breakfast and lunch together and saw him leave in his '63 Chevy.  He has been working on it the last couple of nights in the garage putting in the new carpet. 

After I dropped Dawn off at the gym and got back home, Dad called me from work.  He asked if it would be okay if he went to the gym at 1:00 and picked Dawn up because she has told him many times that she can't wait to ride in it.

What a fun surprise it would be for her to come out of practice to see Grandpa waiting for her (with his "cool" car)!  My only regret was that I wouldn't be there to see her face!

When they got home, as you can see, not much of the excitement had gone away!  Nothing like Grandpa to make a plain ordinary Thursday into a pretty special memory.

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