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Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday From My Heart: Held

This week my daughter has been enjoying her new iPod. She has waited and waited as she has saved money over the past year to purchase it. She thought she would have to wait until her birthday in September to have enough money but she and her dad got online and found some very reasonably priced refurbished ones from Apple and she decided that a refurbished plain silver (not neon yellow) brand new one would work for her and be affordable now with what she had saved.

Anyway, she had to wait about six days for it to arrive and during that time she got on my iTunes account and picked out all the songs she wanted and made a "Stacey" playlist. When the iPod came she transferred them as quick as that and now every time she has a chore or has an opportunity, she is playing music. I have noticed that there are a few songs she likes to play on repeat (trying not to be jealous that she doesn't have to "rewind the cassette" like I did when I was her age!)

One of her favorites is Natalie Grant's song "Held". I love it too because it has such a great message. "This is what it means to be held and to know that the promise was when everything fell, we'd be held". He says He is with us, not that it will always be sunshine and easy.  This isn't our home or what He planned for us.  Since hearing that song when it first came out I have felt that this is the foundation of understanding the sovereignty of God. To know that when the things that happen to us aren't explainable it is because God wants us to feel what it is like to not have any other option than to be held by His all powerful hands.

It isn't easy for sure. I have seen many times in my own life and lives of those I love when we have been held. For those who know Him, I have seen His peace that passes all understanding hold each one of His.  I have felt Him cry with me in my personal times of grief and loss.  Can I explain it? No, not to those who do not want to understand but those who do understand know and have been amazed what allowing Him to hold us will do. Personally, I have been blessed by His arms around me many times but more than that, have been surprised by how strong His arms make me seem to others who are observing. What glory it brings Him when I know and share that this is NOT me.

So many people these past couple weeks have been faced with deep loss. Not just in my circle, but on the social media sites, I have noticed many are asking for prayer for themselves or others they know. That is probably why this is on my heart this week.  It has seemed that a new tragedy has come up every other day lately and I have had many people in my prayers.  My prayer is for them is "Lord hold them, help them to feel You and not the bitterness".  No one here on this earth can take away that deep grief, but God can hold and strengthen families and bring a deeper picture of what this world is and how He holds His.

"If hope if born of suffering, if this is only the beginning. Can we not wait for one hour watching for our Savior?"

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