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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Three More Weeks

I love how chemo has become a three hour interruption. I am not planning my life around it or focusing on it at this point. There are still plenty of things that I can do and actually go a few minutes/hours if I am lucky without thinking I am a sick cancer patient. I love that I can "snap back" to reality after going for awhile without it being the focus.

That being said, the week has rolled around and back to Tuesday. By the time I get this posted it will be Wednesday but, you know what I mean. I got up and put on some leggings and warm winter boots, and my long hair (I was cold this morning) and headed out to the clinic. Parking was a problem and I had to drive around to the parking deck and walk all the way through to the other end and down the stairs. Not a big deal in the pre-chemo days but I was huffing and puffing today.

It was a longer wait in every room this time and there were again, a lot of people today. Of course it was, I had an appointment at 2 to be home and having coffee with a friend. It is always a lot easier to get in and out when there is nothing pressing on my calendar but I digress. 

My weekly chat about bodily functions with my nurse was fun as always. Happily to report, there were no nosebleeds this week! But, over night my right hand and lower arm had become swollen and that is never a good sign.

You can see by comparison, it is definitely looking different than my left hand. There was a small little pocket below my ring finger and pinky last night that was painful but this is what I woke up to. Boo.

So this morning I get to take a new pill that as my nurse put it "you will want to be close to the bathroom for awhile until you know how your body reacts. It will be trying to get rid of all this excess fluid". Thankfully, some of it has gotten better as I was down a few pounds. So, a little good news.

We discussed my call in on Monday to see if we could up my neuropathy meds. Over the weekend it was awful. The pain in the tips of my fingers was really causing a lot of frustration just trying to do day to day things. Picking things up, typing, trying to keep a pen in my hand. Ugh...the additional pill I added actually started helping a little Monday night and I was given permission to add another every three days to see if we can get it under control for these last few weeks. We don't want permanent damage.

So, here they are...the jumbo pill bottles. I have never had a pill bottle so big! Some may have seen these before but wow...these could be what saves the ends of my fingers before all is said and done and I will be happy to do what it takes to be able to do the things I love to do with my fingers. Meanwhile I watch White Christmas and sing at the top of my lungs to get my mind off of the pain it takes to bind off a knitted project from my needles. Whatever. It. Takes! Christmas is coming! I have projects.

Over all the day went well. I rested a little more when I got home, like I said with a friend and coffee. Johnse and Lauren stopped by while I was in the middle of chemo. A welcome distraction since it was just about the time I get the creepy crawlies under my skin that make me want to get out of there! I was by myself today listening to Christmas music and knitting a little, reading a little and surfing my phone a bit too.

Unfortunately, Tuesday evening my nose started bleeding and I am still waiting for it to stop. Ugh. I guess skipping the Neosporin for two nights isn't a good thing! David told me I jinxed it by telling the nurse that I didn't have any this week. Thankfully the quilt I was working on didn't suffer any damage but I will have to spot treat and soak my green LuLaRoe Irma! It didn't fare quite as well.

I am thankful today for fingers that can type more comfortably than the last few days and I am hoping to post on a few other things this week besides cancer/chemo junk. Life is so much more awesome than that. Thankful to all of you for your continued prayers, we are going to get through this!

I think of John 15:14 "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends". So many of you have laid down a part of your lives...the time in your kitchens to make a meal, the time at your desk or place where you write notes and cards that you send. Some of you give your time praying for us, not just me, but those who are close, my loves who have to go through this thing too.

Thank you all...friends and family near and far. We do not take your thoughts of us for granted and are humbled again and again by your love.


  1. I'm in tears....I'm so sorry, Jody.

    I'm speechless today, but nothing will keep me from commenting here.

    On a lighter note....I think I have one of those doggie cones. ....might help with the nose bleeds. :)

    Jinxing myself is the only luck I have. Sometimes you gotta try reverse psychology on that jinx thing.

    Have a bright eyed and bushy tailed day!


    1. I tackled errands and the grocery store this morning and eye appointments for two in just a bit. I am going to be done for the day after that.

      Took my new pill and all seems fine. I think the swelling is a little down in my hand today.

      How are things with you? Any word on test results? I am still praying.

  2. One kidney isn't working. Voiding blood. All unrelated to pain. Another specialist Jan 17. It's OK. I've had a good life.

    1. We will keep praying. I am glad they are getting to the bottom of this. I am sure if my son Ryan were to read your post he would tell you that life is pretty good even with only one kidney. One of his was full of cysts at birth and slowly his kidney was reabsorbed by his body by age two. Good thing though...cyst were too. He has always just had one kidney. I always joked with him when he was younger that I never would have known it by the volume of pee and the diapers he went through as an infant. He beat the girls together in that catagory! ;) Praying for you Friend!

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