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Monday, December 5, 2016

Family Christmas Traditions


We have a few things we like to do during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family. This year when it came time to set up the Jesus tree, I chose the dining room. Like most years, the pre-lit lights didn't all come on when I plugged it in. David was able to fix it by the time we got home from scouts tonight. We will be taking off the prelit lights at the end of this season and pack a good set of lights in the tree box.

So far the evergreen tree, the lights, the red bows, the Bibles and the framed pictures of each child are hanging on the tree. If you want to know more about our tradition of the Jesus Tree, you can read more about it here.

We also gave the kids their ornaments and drew for our family's Christmas eve gift exchange. This gift can be something homemade or a small little something special for the person receiving the gift. It is completely secret so if you are small and have a little trouble you can ask ONE parent to help.

It is fun to share the traditions with the kids and they are always so excited. This year I was able to find ornaments for them on Thanksgiving weekend so I had them and the names in the treasure chest ready. Every year I am waiting for an ornament I ordered or some other reason stalls the gift name drawing. This year I had everything ready on Thanksgiving weekend but no one even asked "when are are going to do the gift exchange?" Every other year I get pestered until the last of the ornaments are purchased and sometimes it takes a little longer.

I think this year is the earliest we have ever drawn for Christmas Eve. I think we should have enough time to think of something special! It is starting to feel a lot more like Christmas around here.

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