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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Maybe a Little TOO Much Time On These Crochetting Hands

I mentioned earlier in the week that I have been working on some homemade projects to give for Christmas this year and was happy to have been able to complete them. One of them I added in at the beginning of December was this fun "hat" for my brother-in-law Bryan.

Viking Bryan
Viking Jake
Without getting into too many details, lets just say that he has his way of encouraging me in my needle craft hobbies.

The year that Matthew was new, Bryan actually cross stitched a bookmark for me and gained a little appreciation for the craft. It was the year after that when I crocheted him a hat with a beard attached as a little extra gift at Christmas. It was good for a little fun.

So, imagine who popped right to mind earlier this fall when I saw a pattern for a viking hat complete with horns and beard. I felt I may be up to whipping one up and thankfully, it was done on time to give on the 26th at Mom and Dad's Christmas.

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