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Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Heart Care Story - Short and Sweet

Yesterday I posted something I have been working on in my journal for awhile and something with a little more depth. Today I will share with you my "Heart Care Story". Trust me, it is not nearly as heavy or as long. Bear with me.

I receive a lot of things in the mail from my hospital/doctor's office as I am sure you can imagine. This week I received this:

Now, I will have to zoom in a little at give you some of the details. But basically what they want me to do is share my heart care story. I am told that I will be entered into a random drawing for a $50 Visa gift card. Who wouldn't want an extra $50. So, here is what they need from me:

Here is my heart care story:
My name is Jody Sloan. I am a breast cancer survivor and was sent to the cardiology clinic for a echo cardiogram before I began my chemo regimen to be sure my heart was strong enough for chemo. It was.
I am debating...do you think I would be able to get into the drawing with a stellar story like this? I am not sure why I received this because I don't even have a cardiologist, or at least if there was one that looked at my cardiogram results, I never met him/her.

Through the meanderings of cancer treatment and survival, an increase of paper in my house from the hospital, the surgeons, the pharmacist, the doctors' offices has grown ridiculously annoying. I just laughed when I received this wondering how in the world do they choose who to send this stuff out to. I was in the cardiologist office all of 30 minutes.